Saturday, February 24, 2018
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How to Use the B&H Submitable Bill of Lading PDF Submit by E-Mail Option

  • Download the Bill of Lading PDF from below and complete the shipment information.

  • Print a Copy for your recods.
  • Press the Submit by E-mail button in the top right corner.

After pressing the submit button you should be prompted to Select Your E-mail Client (Image 1). You are given three choices, but really the Internet E-Mail and the Other option ask you to do the same things.

  1. If your company is using an E-Mail application such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, or Mail, You will choose the first option and press OK. If this is the first time submiting your Bill of Lading through E-Mail, or you have not chosen to disable this message, you should receive an Outgoing Message Notification after pressing ok (Image 2).
  2. If your company uses an internet based E-Mail system, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or GMail Choose the second option and you will be prompted to save your PDF file and attach it to your desired E-Mail Application to send.(Image 3).
  3. If you are not sure which option to choose, you can choose the third option, save your file, and send it as an attachment through any desired E-Mail system (Image 3).
Note: If you have no available E-Mail program, you can always print off the Bill of Lading and Fax your Pickup Request to 913-621-0709 or give us a call at 800-892-5006 to schedule a pickup.
Note: Depending on which version of Adobe you are currently running, some of the images below may differ. To make sure all features work correctly update your version to the most recent by going to

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